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About Me Edit

Name: Aidan Cream

Relationship Status: Dating

Joined Wikibook On: 8/25/2013 at 2:34am NY Time

Bio: Yo yo yo. Aidan here. Welcome to my wikibook page! I live in Ohio USA. I like to read and draw. I also love love LOVE creative writing! When not on the internet, I am shy. Even tho my favorite subject is English I can never read in front of the English Class because I'm scared of what people will think of my writing. Although I love the theater. I am in my 2 choirs for school and I am planning on joining the drama club. In 1 choir, the current play is Angelhead. This is a Christmas play where an angel ornament falls out of a tree, and is chewed up by a cat. She returns the next year, torn up and dirty. Jesus is stolen from the manger scene by the cat. Some ornaments try to go rescue him. I play the part of the shepard from the manger scene. In another choir, I just auditioned for 3 parts- the narrator, the secondary major role, and a sheep. Lots of people said I was really good and I hope to be either the narrator or the secondary major role. I LIKE MASHED POTATOES!!!

Posts Edit

I joined WikiBook today!- 8/25/2013

Post2- 10/12/13

Pic1 Pic2 This movie is so made for the internet. 10/20/13

Write On My Wall! Edit

Status Edit

just chillin at home and being lazy

For my past updates, see Aidan Cream/Archive.

Friends Edit

Shay Nene

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Pictures Of Me Edit

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