About MeEdit

Name: Brianna Marano

Joined Wikibook: 8/913

'Relationship Status': Single

Bio: My name is HeartsAndKisses, You can call me Brianna or Bri. I was born in Santa Monica. When I was 3 I got a pet dog. We named him Nugget :). But when I was 6 he died :(. Luckily 2 years after we got another dog. She's a husky. We named her Sparkle. You know cause her eyes sparkled like the stars. 4 years later she died. But My family raised enough money to buy A new dog. She is a Husky. We named her Unicorn. Cause I love unicorns. :). 2 years later We moved to Chicago. I was so sad. Cause I had to leave My friends, and My family who lived there. The 1st day in my school in Chicago. No one noticed me. No one. But one person did. Her name was Alexandra, People call her Alexa. She's Ausslylover45676. Soon enough we became BFF's. We did everything together. And we shared secrets, we kept them. I felt like the luckiest girl ever to have Aussly as my BFF. 1 year later. Which is now, Aussly told me About her siblings. MyWinterFirefly,Slendymanisawesome,EmoicatShipsAusllyAndRaura, And their stepbrother Rocky. I fainted when I saw MWF. I was like "OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO BE SIBLINGS WITH MYWINTERFIREFLY!!!!!!!!!!!". Now that leads me to here. I'm HeartsAndKisses, AKA Brianna or Bri. And I <3 you guys! Well in a sibling like way :P.

Pictures Of MeEdit


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Status UpdatesEdit

"Heylo! I'm new!" - 8/9/13

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