Raura 2

My profile pic of Laura Marano :D

I LOVE YOU FOOD! Ok now that i got that out of the way... xD Hi, im Corey! Welcome to my Wikibook page!!! :D

Status UpdateEdit

Raura feels are dead... :(  -As of 6:14 PM

My Wiki!Edit

The wiki i created! :D Feel free to join! :D

Relationship StatusEdit



Im new! - 7/13/13

Im eating.... food right now :DD -7/13/13

Did you really just say that?! *Faints* (In reply to Taylor Lynch) - 7/13/13

Your very brave to say that to me. xD (In reply to Taylor Lynch) - 7/13/13

Dont listen to anybody that says they are in love with food..... I LOVE FOOD WAY MORE THAN THEM. xD - 7/13/13

Pumped for Viral Videos and Very Bad Dancing tonight! Woop woop! :D - 7/14/13

Sigh* Austin & Ally, what have you done to me? Auslly shall be the death of me. -7/14/13

.....There is some random person in my room. Oh wait it's Madi! xD (In reply to Madi Delaya) - 7/14/13

OMG! Just saw the promo for Tunes & Trials! *Faints* :D -7/14/13

OMG Thank you! Love that pic! :D -7/16/13 (In reply to Cupcake Lancer)

Nom nom nom eating fooddddddd :D -7/16/13

Gonna watch TBM tonight... but im gonna need some bricks <:) xD -7/19/13

Post on my wall!Edit

Hey sorry i had to add your wall! ~ Rocky Cameron 7/13/13

CANDY BESTIES!!!!!!! :D -Violet Swift

I'm pretty sure I love Icecream Cake more than you >:D Mwahahahahahahaha!!! XDDD - Taylor Lynch

Yes, I really just saidt that.... XDDD - Taylor Lynch

Mhmmm.....I LOVE FOOD MORE DEN YOU DO :D -Violet Swift

-Jumps through screen- HIIIII COREYYY -Madi Delaya, 7/14/13

A pic for you... #FOOD - Cupcake

Friends :DEdit

Send meh friend request on my message wall! :D

Rocky Cameron

Violet Swift (Candy Bestie)

Marley Rose

Madi Delaya

Taylor Lynch

Taylor Thorne

Claire Lovato

Sarah Marano

Tegan Justice

Shay Nene

Cupcake Lancer

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