Whats up?! I'm Rocky! :)

About MeEdit

Name: Rocky Cameron

Relationship Status: Forever Alone :(

Joined Wikibook On: 7/13/13

Bio: I'm a crazy person full of pure awesomeness. >:)

TV Shippings: Raura, Auslly, Tynka, Trez, Spendy, Caini

Wiki Shippings: Blaire, Matcy, Blutter, Jarley

My SitesEdit My ask! My Twitter!

Status UpdatesEdit

Hey I'm new! - 7/13/13

Who else is bored? - 7/13/13

Good morning! I'm drinking coke! Ok speaking of which would you rather have Coke or Pepsi? Tell me by posting on my wall! :) - 7/14/13

Hey! Sorry I haven't been on. I was grounded. Anyway I went to the A&A Wiki & I saw an ad for Teen Beach Movie Wiki so I was like.... THIS IS WORST NIGHTMARE because I don't like that movie. I was like GET OFF MY SCREEN! Now don't judge me I don't like it just sayin. -_- - 7/18/13

Turns out TBM was really good! Lela rocks! :) Who else watched TBM? - 7/20/13

Hey people! I watched spoilers (yes I will watch it on the premeire) for Future Sounds & Festival Songs. Its really good & there is a HUGE Auslly scene. Be there! - 7/22/13

My Wall! <3Edit

Yay! Im the first to leave you a message on your wall! What do i win? xD Jk - Corey Bailey

Rocky's Reply: XD

BOTH PEPSI AND COKE!!!!! - Cupcake

Rocky's Reply: Really? I'd pick Coke.

My GalleryEdit


Go to my message wall to send me a friend request! :)

Marley Rose

Violet Swift

Madi Delaya

Corey Bailey

Taylor Lynch Hehehe XD

Tegan Justice

Cupcake Lancer

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